Tsunami Warning

Elpam Electronics provides a solution to warn people of tsunamis and other natural disasters.

Facts About Tsunamis

  • A small tsunami at one beach may be a giant tsunami a few miles away.
  • A tsunami can strike anywhere and at any time along the U.S. coastline, Western Australia, Pacific region (Japan, Korea, China), Indian Ocean and any Coastal Areas.
  • The only warning you may have is an earthquake, but not every earthquake will generate a tsunami.
  • Tsunamis can reach the coast within minutes of an earthquake.


Tsunami Warning System Environment







Tsunami Detection:

  • Sensor system for the detection of the earthquake and the tsunami wave.
  • Data transfer from surface to the processing centers

Data processing and data management:

  • Data collection and processing at the processing centers
  • Derivation of alert messages including maps with evacuation routs

Alert Signal & Messaging:

  • Through the internet (LAN/WAN, VPN), digital or analog VHF/UHF radio, digital radio TDMA, GSM, GPRS, WiMax, and conventional PSTN lines or leased lines.
  • To Electronic Sirens and Cellular phones, including evacuation routes.

Solution description
Tsunami warning solution







A- Sensors – Monitoring System: can be directly connected to the Satellite, Elpam Siren, or can be transferred to the control center.

B – Satellite System: for data transfer from the monitoring system to Control or Activation of individual sirens.

C – Control Center:  Activates the sirens

D – ELPAM Electronic Sirens: EL3000 high power, acoustic electronic siren equipped with alternate batteries for the case of outage and solar panels that do not require any external power supply.

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