Human activity detection in exposed tunnels

Elpam Electronics provides an ideal solution for detecting any tunneling or digging nearby any infraestructure.

Problem identification

Underground criminal and terrorist activity poses a grave threat to any country’s security and defense. These threats now operate quite literally underground, below the surface of the earth at a rapidly increasing rate. Underground threats include border tunnels used for smuggling drugs, weapons, and people; tunnel attempts into bases and prisons abroad; caves used for hiding weapons and people by enemies and underground bunkers used for hiding people, weapons, and even nuclear weapon facilities.

After finding the tunnels may be necessary to preserve them without destroying them. In such cases it is necessary to monitor if there is any human activity inside them.


Develop and validate innovative and efficient technology for real time monitoring of human activity in tunnels.


Comprehensive on-site turnkey solution that includes the following phases:

  • Analyzing
  • Initial design
  • Implementation
  • Commissioning

Detection Method – How it works? 

The system includes:

  • Seismic Sensors
  • PIR motion detector
  • Cameras (IR etc.)
  • Outdoor Siren
  • Computerized Control Center

The data can be recorded continuously for hours, days, weeks, or forever. Simple computer processes are used to constantly align all the data in time to produce alarm. All components can be wireless or wired.

System Layout

The system consists of the following units:

A – Seismic Sensor units

  • Seismic Sensor units are buried under the walls of the building
  • Each unit is an autonomous entity with a distinct ID.
  • The sensors can transfer the alarm message to the operator through wireless RF or  a wired system.
  • They can be charged by a lithium battery pack or through a wire from the central power source.

B – PIR motion detector

C – Cameras (IR etc.)

D – Communication and Power Unit

  • Connected to Seismic Sensors, PIR motion detector and Cameras Interface Units
  • Power and Communication Hub
  • The data from the unit can be connected to a management computer through RS485 or TCP/IP

E – Local Management Computer

  • Can collect all the DATA received from all units.
  • Gives the possibility of a local alarm or alarm transmission to a remote control system

F – Outdoor Siren unit

G – Wireless Units (option)


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