Earthquake Early Warning

ELPAM Electronics offers a comprehensive solution for earthquake detection and early warning.

Earthquakes of magnitude six or more on Richter’s scale cause devastating disasters leading to death, causalities and significant loss of property.It is not possible to predict well in advance when and where the next earthquake will occur.

Fortunately, thanks to recent advances in science and technology, it is now possible to provide early warning when an earthquake is approaching a location. These few seconds of early indication can be the difference between life and death.Elpam warning System provides this crucial early indication. An alarming audio and visual siren rushes people out of buildings to a safer place.

Elpam’s warning System is based on state-of-the-art seismic detectors. The first ‘Type P’ pressure waves (which are not yet harmful) are detected by the system and cause the alert. This provides enough time for safe evacuation of buildings before the harmful “Type S” waves reach the area.

Using seismic detection systems can generate a short term alert before the actual arrival of the destructive waves, allowing sufficient time to perform emergency operations and preparation.

The system consists of:

1. Seismic Detectors

seismic detector for earthquake warning

• Provides an early, reliable alert few seconds before a life – threatening earthquake takes place.
• Uses state-of-the-art technology for early detection of ‘P’ and ‘S’ waves,
meeting the standards of official geophysical institutions.
• Enables special “drill” mode, for practicing quick evacuation of buildings.
• Can be controlled remotely by computers from all over the world.
• Includes backup batteries lasting 15 days for cases of power outage.
• Provides both amplified vocal and visual alarms in real-time.
• Has a control and emergency indicator light for power connection integrity and power outage.
• Has an external communication port to a telephone line which sends out text messages for earthquakes

2. EL3000 high power electronic sirens

siren for earthquake announcing
Alarm siren Systems for Public warning and notification, for any emergency situation. They are acoustic warning and announcing outdoor systems. Read more here.

Solution description

earthquake early warning solution

A- Seismic Detector: can be directly connected to the Satellite, Elpam Siren, or can be transferred to the control center.

B – Control Center:  information system that colects data from the seismic detectors and activates the sirens.

C – ELPAM Electronic Siren: EL3000 high power, acoustic electronic siren equipped with alternate batteries for the case of outage and solar panels that do not require any external power supply.

The solution can be configured and optimally applied to the targeted tasks as listed below:

  • Activate a selected siren from the control center
  • Activate a selected siren from the seismic detectors
  • Activate selected group(s) of sirens (broadcast/group-cast)
  • Interface to a wide range of siren equipment and public announcement units


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