EL-M Mobile Siren System

Mobile Alarm siren System for Public warning and notification for any emergency situations.

The mobile siren system is a portable field notification unit. It’s used to alert the public against any natural disasters, dangerous weather conditions, military needs, etc. The system can operate as stand-alone alerting system and autonomously controlled or be integrated with many types of remote control means. The EL-M system is a fully self-contained and ruggedized trailer.

Siren Trailer include telescopic speaker pole. The system requires minimal operator set-up. Deployed by a single persons during in few minutes. The siren is up and running in a very short time. Easy shop store and with small storage area.

Control unit consists of modular module units:

  • 10 amplifiers, 300W each with over-load & short-circuit protections.
  • Modular modules for connection, activation, control & report.
  • 1 battery charger 24V/20A.
  • 2 batteries 12V.

The siren-head is designed to radiate the siren and public address signals omni-directional and includes the following:

  • 20 horns & driver units

  • Acoustic output power – 3000W Sound pressure level (SPL) – 123db(A)/30m.
  • Local and remote activation.
  • Microphone for voice messages

The system enables the following:

  • Alarm signal.
  • All clear signal.
  • A.B.C. signal. Public address
  • Battery powered with low power consumption
    for extended operation
  • Fully operation in extreme weather conditions


Power Supply
  • 230V socket for external supply
  • Emergency power supply: 2 batteries 12V/ 100A/h with built in AC battery charger 24V/20A.
  • Independent power The generator will automatically start when the batteries are too low.
  • Solar panels
Optional Remote Control

Can be activated from distance with

  • T.M.F
  • IP , PSTN network or leased lines
  • GSM or Radio
  • Serial protocol – RS232
Operator Interface
  • Built in local control interface. LCD controller with handheld microphone

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