TPL D/V.S – C.C.T.V System

TPL D/V.S – C.C.T.V System

The TPL D/V.S System is considered as an additional accessory system for the TPL 310D MINI model (Trapped Persons Locator by tapping for noise detection), enable to see persons trapped under debris by use of a special electronic camera, inserted into crevices and /or holes to reach locations where might be trapped. If necessary it’s possible connect different types of cameras.


  • Small.
  • Low weight.
  • The I.R colored camera is linked to an aluminum anodized extension rod capable of transmitting images to the monitor.
  • The camera is rotated latterly ± 90 in the horizontal plane by means of a calibrated handle at the operators end of the rod. Any vertical viewing angles required are achieved by turning the rod.
  • The system consists of a series of accessories/units and can be quickly and easily installed or dismantled.
  • The entire C.C.T.V. system is stored in a hardened carrying case.


  • 7″ colored Monitor.
  • Electronic I.R colored C.C.T.V. camera.
  • Extension rod.
  • ON/ OFF switch with connection cabels.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Charger for rechargeable batteries.
  • Carrying case for Monitor.
  • Transport case for the system.


  • 1 Unit 7 ″ colored LCD monitor located inside a case.
  • 1 Unit electronic I.R colored camera located inside a protective metal case.
  • 1 Set aluminum anodized extension rod, 2.1m standard length.
  • 1 Unit Connections – connecting from battery to monitor and to camera (through the rod)
  • including ON/OFF switch.
  • 2 Units rechargeable batteries 12V / 5 A/H.
  • 1 Unit charger 220VAC / 12V / 900mA DC.
  • 1 Unit carrying case for monitor (with anti-glare shields).
  • 1 Unit transport ABS case.


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