TPL 310D-Mini Trapped Person Locator

TPL 310D – Mini Trapped person locator

The TPL 310D leads the rescue team, quickly and efficiently to the victim saving precious minutes of fruitless search.The TPL 310D is an extremely efficient rescue tool, using leading edge technology.

The TPL 310D is a highly sensitive instrument, which can “hear” noises, cries, knocking, scratching and other nearly – inaudible sounds made by trapped victims as they struggle to be rescued. Equipped with both seismic and acoustic sensors which discriminate between environmental and relevant sounds, the TPL 310D leads the rescue team to the victims quickly and efficiently, saving precious minutes of fruitless search.
The lightweight yet durable system is easily portable and is operated by one team member and two assistants and requires only a single day’s training to operate. It is water, shock proof and comes in standard A.B.S case. The system runs on either standard commercial batteries or a 12V automobile battery.

The TPL 310D is standard Israel Defense Forces equipment and has been extensively tested under genuine field and catastrophe conditions. Used in the successful location and rescue of victims of the recent earthquake all over the world, the TPL 310D heralds a new era in the field of emergency equipment and rescue preparedness

Category of detection
Seismic & Acoustic (Two Way)

Detection ability
Seismic: Trapped persons under ruins.
Acoustic: Two Way communication with trapped persons.

Explanation of detection ability:

  1. First detection of trapped persons by a powerful Two Way communication unit.
  2. Main focused detection with 2 separate channels by 2 seismic sensors. Final detection by comparison of the received levels in the 2 channels (from the seismic sensors/ shown on the LCD display) and an audible audio signal at the headphones.

  • Small, low weight, low price.
  • Portable, easy to operate.
  • Dual Mode (seismic & acoustic) surveillance and location.
  • Two way communication with survivor.
  • Computerized.
  • L.C.D Display.
  • Splash proof.
  • Nearby transmitter will not interfere with system operation.
  • Vest for carrying the instrument and accessories during operation (optional).
  • Single sturdy A.B.S case for transport.
  • Video System (optional).
Number of channels

Acoustic two Way communication connected to L (left) channel in the beginning of the detection, for primary communication with trapped persons. Later changing to red seismic sensor for focused detection. Yellow seismic sensor is connected to R (right) channel from the beginning, for detection.
Each channel has a different color.
Left – Red, Right – yellow for accurate detection.
Each channel shows the strength of the detection from each seismic sensor, on the LCD display for a few seconds.


The TPL 310D systems is supplied in a robust transport case.
The TPL is housed in a splash proof, beige colored drawan- aluminum housing with robust handle, which also serves as a tilting aid.
The housing conforms with IP 54 weatherproofing .
The system is designed to operate at temperature range of: -4 °F – +140 °F (-20 °C – +60 °C) at a relative humidity of max. 95%.
Exterior Dimensions:
(L x W x D) 20.62″ x 16.87″ x 8.12″ (52.4 x 42.8 x 20.6 cm).
11.9 lbs.(5.4 kg).


Mechanical Data:

  • Both types, seismic and acoustic sensors are assembled into an anodized aluminum enclosure, made out of silid meterial, in a waterproof construction. The cable connector is of the BNC type.
  • Both seismic and acoustic sensors include preamplifiers powered from the TPL through the connection cable.
  • The sesmic sensors (TPL 3108) output signal is amplified by the enclosed preamplifier provides a voltage gain of 45dB.
  • The sensor resonance is at 10Hz and the overall sensitivity exceeds the requirements.
  • The TWO-WAY sensor (TPL 3111) acts both as microphone and loudspeaker.
  • The assembly may be immersed into water to a depth of 1m. When functioning as a microphone, the transducer has sensitivity of 1.1 mV/Pa at 1Khz. The output of the transducer is amplified by a preamplifier in a similar way as in seismic sensor.
tpl8 tpl3
Sesmic  Sensor Two-Way Sensor


System Components
TPL D System Components P/N Dimensions  (mm)&Weight (gram/Kg) DIMENSIONS  (ft)&Weight (lbs) QTY
TPL 310D & Accsessories TPL D/AC 527 X 219 X 438 mm 11.5 Kg 20 3/4 “X 8 5/8″ X 17 1/4″ 33lbs 1
TPL 310D proper (With batteries) TPL D/EU 1.55 X 85.5 X 227 mm 1.85 Kg 6.12″ X 3.36″ X 8.93″ 3.85 lbs 1
Seismic sensor red (Geophone) TPL 3108A/1 60 X 91 mm 615 gram 2.36″ X 3.58″ 1.35 lbs 1
Seismic sensor yellow (Geophone) TPL 3108A/2 TPL 3108A/1 2.36″ X 3.58″ 1.35 lbs 1
TWO-WAY sensor microphone/speaker TPL 3111 60 X 91mm 615 gram 2.36″ X 3.58″ 1.35 lbs 2
  Red: TPL8      
Cable dispanser with 33ft (1m) long Yellow: TPL9 60 X 91mm 615 gram 2.36″ X 3.58″ 1.35 lbs 2
  Red: TPL8      
Interconnection cable 3.3 ft (1m) long Yellow: TPL9 1 meter 58 gram 2.36″ X 3.58″ 1.35 lbs 1
External battery cable 7 ft (2m) long TPL 6A 60 X 91mm 615 gram 2.36″ X 3.58″ 1.35 lbs 1
Microphone hand belt TPL D/M 66 X 86 X 38.5 mm 195 gram 2.6″ X 3.4″ X 1.5″ 0.35 lbs 1
Headphones TPL D/HP 200 gram 0.44 lbs 1
Vest for carrying TPL D accessories TPL D/VA 650 gram 1.32 lbs 1
Black carrying case TPL/CC 527 X 219 X 438 mm 5.2Kg 20 3/4″ X 5/8″ X 17 1/4″ 9.89 lbs 1


The TPL 310D systems is suppllied in a robust transport case
The TPL is housed in a splash proof, beige colored draw an – aluminum housing with robust handle, which also serves as a tilting aid.
The housing conforms with IP54 weatherproofing.
The system is designed to operate at temperature range of: -4F – +140F (-20C – +60C) at relative humidity of max. 95%

Exterior Dimensions (L x W x D)
20.62″ X 16.87″ X 8.12″ (52.4 X 42.8 X 20.6 cm)

11.9 lbs. (5.4kg).


Product Video


  • External headphones to hear the detection signals.(Typing is not needed. The activator “hear” and “see” the detection).


  • Vest for carrying the main unit and all the accessories. (Do not need to carry anything in hands).

Access_ TPL_1








Dimension of the instrument (only)
  • Height: 80 mm.
  • Width: 150 mm.
  • Depth: 210 mm.
  • Weight: 2 Kgs.
Number of sensors
  • Seismic: 2.
  • Acoustic Two Way communication: 1.
Number of channels

Seismic: 2.
Acoustic (Two Way): 1.
Replaced by red seismic sensor.

Detection ability, filtering and Amplification
  1. Highly sensitive.
  2. Very high amplification till 60db.
  3. Active filters system.

Chosen operation options

  1. Automatic amplification.
  2. Manual amplification.
  3. Without amplification.

Extension cables.

2 units 15m length each.

Operating team

1 person


LCD screen with back light for night operation for all indication.

Operation time
  • 25 Hours with back light.
  • 25 Hours without back light.
Transport case 

ABS, splash proof carrying case.

Technical data of seismic sensor for TPL 310D
  • Resonance Frequency: 14Hz ± 2%.
  • Resistance: 395Ω ± 2%.
  • Sensitivity: 0/275v/Cm/Sec.
  • Working temperature: -30 °C ÷ +60 °C.
  • Weight: 0.6 Kg.
  • Diameter: 60 mm.
  • Height: 88 mm.
  • Material: Aluminum 60-61T6.
  • Coating: anodized natural.


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