Mine Detectors

Mines Detector Model 605H 

The model 605H mine detector detects all kinds of metal mines and objects buried in the ground.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy adaptation of the mine detector to stature operators.
  • Light weight.
  • The 605H mine detector functions for extended periods on one battery set.
  • The acoustic detection indication is by headphones.
  • The 605H mine detector has control unit that includes batteries and is held by belt clip.
  • Radio transmitters.


Physical  Characteristic

The detector and its accessories are lightweight and made of non corrosive material, that have proven reliability and durability.

Weight and dimensions

(a) Length and Telescopic rod:

  1. Search head is connected with a telescopic rod, which is also prolonged usage by the operator in kneeling, standing and lying position without causing undue fatigue for both minimum and maximum possible extension. The length of telescopic rode are:
  2. Folded: approx. 730mm.
  3. Extended: appox. 1600mm.

(b) Weight:

  1. Telescopic pole and search head Approx. 1,725 gr.
  2. Electronic control unit Approx. 1,070 gr.
  3. The maximum operating weight of the equipment – Approx. 2,800 gr of the equipment (including telescopic pole, search head and electronic control unit).
  4. Bag weight including accessories of detector – Approx. 4,000 gr.
  5. Total weight of the equipment – 10kgs max (including carrying case).


Transport, Storage and Transit

The detector together with its accessories comes in lightweight durable compact back pack carry bag that is capable of surviving in all adverse envonmental conditions. The back pack carry bag weight inclusive of detector accessories is about 4 kgs.
Weight of the complete detector in its bag and transport box is about 10 kgs. Transport box is ruggedized enough to withstand shock and drop form a 3 meters height. Without suffering any damage to the transport box. Body of equipment (detector) kept inside it.

Mine Detector  2






Mine Detector  3










Mine detector will detect any metal mine to a depth of 40 centimeters and more. The search head will survey an area of 700 square centimeters at any instant. The control unit has a ON – OFF switch and connectors to the mine detector and headphones. One set of batteries provides about 70 hours of operation. (eight alkaline type AA cells). The detector sounds a warning signal before batteries run down.

Detector – Dimensions & Weight
  • Overall length – 105 centimeters, extendable to 150.
  • Retracted length – 72 centimeters.
  • Search head diameter – 30 centimeters.
  • Weight ~ 1,700 gram.
Control Unit – Dimensions & Weight
  • Size 17x13x6 centimeters.
  • Weight (with batteries) – 850 gram.
Detection capabilities

(a) The detector can detect all ferrous and non ferrous metals.
(b) Capable of detecting buried mine/metals in:

  1. All types of soils including literate (Ferrous and aluminum oxides).
  2. Under water 1 ft.
  3. In all weather condition from arid to pouring rain. The equipment meet international standard IP-67 over the temperature range of -10 degree to +50 degree C.
Detection sensitivity

(a) The size and shape of the objects with which the test are conducted are as under:

  1. 2 gm metal -1 inch x 1 inch tin foil.
  2. 50mm nail -Thickness 03 mm and dia of head 06 mm.
  3. Salty water -03 gm iodized common salt in 01Ltrs of water.

(b) The sensitivity of the detector meets the following specifications:

  In Free Air  Underground In Clear Water In Salty water
4 gm metal 2cm 4cm 4cm 4cm
50 mm nail vertical 5cm 5cm 5cm 5cm
50 mm nail horizontal
5cm 5cm 5cm 5cm

(c) Detector is capable of pinpointing detected metal + 5 cm range.
(d) Detection tone is distinct from the working tone. The instrument is free from radio and static interference from distance.

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