Hand Held Metal Detector Model 302F

Hand Held Metal Detector Model 302F

The 302F model is weapon/metal Detector for personal search.
This model is a portable device to detect weapons and items made of metal hidden on the human body, packages, etc. 

Principle of operation
It detects the metal object using probing coil which is curved at the top of the device.
When the metallic body is discovered, you receive auditory display at the loudspeaker
and frontal at alarm LEDs (yellow).
It is possible to connect external headphones.


The detector housing is made by injection in a flat two – piece construction, which makes it unbreakable, even if handled roughly. In use the Detector requires no adjustments, except selecting the high/ low sensitivity range required.
The shape and balance of weight have been designed for easy handling, and the sword- like shape facilitates easy search in narrow crevices, under the arm- pits and along the legs.


Will detect concealed objects (when the device is in high sensitivity):

  • Handguns – at a distance of 200 mm.
  • Magazine – at a distance of 200 mm.
  • Single 9mm bullet – at a distance of 130 mm.
  • Mini – grenade – at a distance of 150 mm.
  • 3”Knife – at a distance of 130 mm (It does not matter if the bodies hidden under clothes or packages).
Power Supply

The Metal Detector includes 7 AA Rechargeable batteries which provides about 45 hours of operation per charge, or 7 AA dry Alkaline batteries which provides about 40 hours of Operation (may be used, in case charger cannot be used).

After the operation, the audible alarm starts and the LED display (red) goes off, thus indicating that the batteries are down to 1 Volt per cell and require recharging.



302F_M case Battery Charger Headphones
Case Battery Charger Headphones
MDC-8 Charger Charger Plug Measurable sensitivity 1
MDC-8 Charger Charger Plug Measurable Sensitivity



Dimensions and Weight of the instrument

Length: 465 mm.
Thickness: 40 ±5% mm.
Width: 65 ±5% mm (Search coil).
Probing coil diameter: 100 mm.
Weight: 600 gr (incl. battery).

Compliance with environmental conditions

Temperature: -5 °C – +60 °C.
Humidity: 85% RH.


The red LED lights when the Detector is switched ON.
The yellow LED lights with detection.

Disclosure views

Internal speaker.
Yellow LED.

Device sensitivity

Device option between two sensitivities: high sensitivity and low sensitivity.
High sensitivity to discover small metal objects such as balls, firecrackers, etc.
Low sensitivity to discover large metal objects such as a gun, knife, etc.


The device has three mode switch:
Central state – state amended (OFF).
Forward mode – high sensitivity. (HIGH).
Rear condition – low detection sensitivity. (LOW).

Electrical data

Detector:          Working voltage from 6.5 to 13 volts.
                         Current consumption (without disclosure) 5 ± 20mA.
                         Current consumption (with disclosure) 30-40mA.
Charger:           The charger is built into the metal detector.
                         Charging time battery voltage without charge: 90 hours.
Power Supply:   Input Voltage 200-240 or 100-120 volts (AC).
                         Double insulation
                         Power Output -12-16 Volts (DC).
                         Minimum current -250mA.

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