Elpam Electronics Company Ltd. was founded in 1972. Over the years, the company expanded operations into the State of Israel to the global arena, making development Advanced technologies in electronics , in order to meet the challenges of fulfilling diverse needs of National security, in technical development capability includes a wide range, between the various activities include planning, service regulations, consulting and production of specialized electronic products and sophisticated.

Electronic sirens and announcement
Siren and announcement system that offers a number of different horns such as alarms, tranquilizers, announcement, which have successfully passed all tests environmental conditions including EMC testing.
The sirens can be activated locally by telephones using DTMF line card dialing, or by the operating system and remotely. Siren system performs self-tests initiated determined by the operators and also reports local and remote operating system about situation, including providing notification sessions.
Company’s activities include the design locations sirens, design, production, installation and servicing of operating systems
Through major radio lines or other options. These systems are installed, operated and maintained successfully in Israel for years.

Tunnels and Trapped Detection Systems
Most recent alarm systems and detection sensitivity is very developed based on the experience of two decades long history of discovering and locating people trapped under the rubble in the country and the world, after
earthquakes, mines and similar events .

Unique and innovative system for identifying underground activities based on sensitive seismic sensors.
The system was developed and produced for the army and was put into service after having met all the relevant standards.
Over the years the system has been upgraded as per current operational requirements as required surfactant.

CCTV System and channel scanner
Current system allows people to see and locate trapped under the rubble, hidden objects using color camera with infrared LEDs, extension rod installed. The system can be used to view the light and the dark varied needs such as military, police, security forces e.t.c.
Scanning, detection and alarm system, appropriate listening tasks and listening to the clicks/palpitations, excavation, underground activities. Instant alerts system unit command of all discovery, by an audible signal. The system is used to alert the borders between countries, prisons and other places security needs.

Metal, mines and weapon detectors
Devices that approved and used by the security services, Police, IDF force of Israel , airports, border crossings, government agencies, IPS, security companies and other clients in Israel and abroad.
Current devices are designed detection of different types of anti-vehicle mines metallic or against people.
Also, the machine detects threats and other metal in the ground.


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